Full of Thankful


First of all, a nice daughter will never bored read the letters from her dad 🙂

Since the last post, I am so sorry did not mailing you until 4 months :(. In fact, I`m dealing with all the things of new responsible at work, and accompany your mom buying some (maybe “a lot”) stuff for you. Now, I`m almost done for those things, and need to write some lines just came up.

I`ll turn 27 this July. My friend in Singapore might say I`m too young to have a child. I told him, we have a different culture, you may never seen person get married below 25, but you`ll see a lot here.

Alyssa, Please remember this thing when you grow up and your friend asking you “Kapan kawin?”. Believe me, you don`t need to answer that silly question, dear.

As for me, I would say that I’m the luckiest man I`ve ever known for accomplishing a lot by that age. I`ve graduated with nice grade, got a decent job, paid myself for a lot of adventure, paid a cost of my brother & sister school (of course after your grandpa leaving us), buying my own car & our home, meet your pretty mom, and many many things else of which I constantly thank God for.

On the other hand, I realize that there are many things else I haven`t accomplished. I already worked for 5 years, but I haven`t upgraded my academic degree. I haven`t been to Mecca & Jerussalem for pray, haven`t been to Milan for watch a game of my favourite football club, I haven`t bring your mom to Male before drowned, and I haven`t been to the city of the world, London. I realize that I still want more. More adventures to experience. More trips to travel. More strangers to stumble upon.

However, I am fully thankful for everything I had now, and the fact that we will meet soon. Believe me that God is good. He always had a reasons for everything you had, and believe me, that He will lead you into another more.

Keep doing something good, stop thinking & talking bad, and praying a lot. Let God’s do the rest.


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